The joys of gardening . . .

Actually, I don’t really enjoy gardening. That’s something my wife Steph takes charge of. I just mow the grass – front and back – when needed.

But I really appreciate the beauty and color that Steph’s efforts bring into the garden each Spring and Summer.

After a dreadful winter – mild but very wet, we’ve had an early Spring and I reckon that many plants in the garden are at least two weeks ahead of their ‘normal’ flowering time. What that means is that the garden is full of different plants – columbines, lupins, Welsh poppies, bleeding hearts, fringe-cups, etc. that you wouldn’t normally expect to see in full bloom at the same time.

But it does lead to a wonderful early summer display. So yesterday, in a short break between heavy showers, I grabbed my video camera and rushed into the garden. I’d almost finished when it started to rain – again – and towards the end of the video below you can see one large rain drop on the lens. I didn’t do any editing of the footage – just stringed the clips together, found a piece of music on Freeplay that turned out to be exactly the same length as the clips, and posted it on YouTube.



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