4 thoughts on “The man behind the logo . . .

  1. Victor Lazaro says:

    Keep it up “pinsan”, I’m proud of you. Talagang naipag-patuloy mo yang pagka-artist mo ha… More power… Regards to everyone out there in LB, ingat always, & may the good Lord continue to bless his people like you. 🙂


  2. Emi says:

    How we are then… And how we are now.I just hope dad had seen this..So proud of you Ka Juan


  3. Emmanuel says:

    You’re the man Boyet. From silk screen to modern tech what an achievement. keep it up Logo Man. Congrats, we are all proud of you Juan Lazaro the IV.


  4. distillife says:

    Not only is Boyet an extremely talented designer/artist, he is the quintessential team player. Always eager to help. Always giving his best. And an inspiration to be around. What a fine person.


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