In my own words . . .

Here are some of my thoughts about growing up, university, science, working abroad, potatoes and rice, and international agricultural research in general – and many other things besides.

This is my exit seminar from 4 March 2010:

The IRRI Pioneer Interview was conducted by Communication and Publications Services head, Gene Hettel, and filmed by Joe Ibabao in early February 2010 (you can find several interviews, including mine here):

The IRRI 50th anniversary gala dinner on 14 April 2010 was also the despedida for Steph and me. I had the opportunity of thanking everyone for the various gifts, and to comment on a few issues before I retired:

4 thoughts on “In my own words . . .

  1. boy says:

    Mike!!!!!! Boy Siojo here! Your dive instructor. How are you?


    • Mike Jackson says:

      Hi Boy – great to hear from you. I’m doing well. Have been retired for three years now and back in the UK. No diving though. But I thoroughly enjoyed my years diving in the Philippines.


  2. Winterbourne House and Garden says:

    Greetings Mike from Winterbourne House and Garden. Perhaps you remember as the Winterbourne Research Gardens from your University of Birmingham days? You can find our blog at if you’d like to see what we’re up to now


    • Mike Jackson says:

      Thanks for the comment. Not only do I remember it – I used to work there. I had an office for some time when i was a graduate student in the 1970s, and also when I joined the staff in the Department of Plant Biology. My research on potatoes was carried out at Winterbourne.


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