Genetic resources, agriculture, and science

I spent much of my career working to conserve the genetic resources of crops and their wild relatives, attached to two international agricultural research centers, CIP in Peru and IRRI in the Philippines.

Genetic resources
Biodiversity – included here are posts about the diversity of crops and their wild relatives, and some aspects of using diversity.

University of Birmingham – I studied and taught at Birmingham which was a world center for training in the conservation and use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.

Climate change – these posts concern the preparation of a book on genetic resources and climate change.

Genebanking – conserving plant genetic resources in perpetuity, and some of the challenges that genebank managers face.

Inside the International Rice Genebank, with genebank manager Pola de Guzman

Nikolai Vavilov

Career – how I got started in the world of genetic conservation.


Several posts about working in international agricultural research and management over 40 years.

Some general science posts, especially botany.