National Trust and English Heritage

Since 2011, Steph and I have been enthusiastic members of the National Trust (NT)

In 2015, we also became members of English Heritage (EH)

We visit as many of their properties as we can each year, always a good reason for an outing.

For obvious reasons, we have visited more properties closer to home (north Worcestershire) in the Midlands than elsewhere. And, as we tick off these local ‘low hanging fruits’, so to speak, we have to travel further afield to experience somewhere new.

In 2015, we toured Scotland, and with our reciprocal membership in the National Trust for Scotland, we visited four sites.

In 2017, we spent just over a week in Northern Ireland, touring National Trust sites all around the Province.

Last year, we spent a week in Cornwall, taking in properties in Somerset and Devon on the journey south, and on the return.

And, as I write this (late April 2019), we are getting set for a week in East Sussex and Kent, and have already planned a long list of places we want to visit.

Here are the NT and EH places we have visited and, for most, I have written a story on this blog. Each property is shown on a region map as either a NT or EH logo.

Click on a logo to open links to a blog post, the NT or EH web sites, and a photo album of my own photos, although I haven’t yet completed uploading all the photo albums, and I still have to blog about a few places.

In any case, here is an alphabetical list (with links), by region, of the properties we have visited: