On this page, I’ve brought together most if not all of my travel posts, except those describing visits (in the UK) to National Trust and English Heritage properties. These you can find on another page.

I have a series of general travel posts, under the heading Around the world in 40 years, in which I have written about my many travels worldwide. Then there is a set of posts about trips around the UK, in Asia, and South and Central America.

Around the world . . .


Northern Ireland


South and Central America


I’ve visited all the states colored blue. In the two states shown in green, I’ve just touched down during a flight before proceeding on the same flight. I have not yet visited the states in white.

Canyons of the southwest (2011)

Oregon and California (2013)

St Paul to Yellowstone (2014)

Chicago (2015)

Georgia to Minnesota (2017)

Massachusetts to Minnesota (2018)

USA 2019 – Northeast and Atlantic States