Donald’s legacy: impeached AND a loser!

Whatever he continues to wildly claim, Donald Trump’s tenure of the US presidency will come to an end at midday on Wednesday 20 January 2021. And the nightmare of the past four years that has blighted the lives of millions of Americans, and even more people around the world, will finally come to an end.

Donald Trump will be consigned to the history books, and hopefully we can begin to forget all about him. Although I fear he’s not going to go quietly, and it’s rumoured he will even try to stage a comeback in 2024.

But whatever transpires, there are two important aspects of his legacy that will forever be linked with the name of Donald J Trump: impeached (though not convicted) and loser! I’m sure he finds the latter especially galling, since this is something for which he has shown particular derision (such as his obnoxious statements about the late Arizona Senator John McCain¹ and other war veterans).

But there’s something about Trump’s character (among so many flaws) that sticks in my throat, and is typical of so many bullies. His demand for total respect while denigrating others, and above all, showing disrespect for the Office of President of the United States itself. Time and again he has shown just what an appalling human being he is. Just watch him slap down a reporter recently who asked a perfectly reasonable and appropriate question.

And while we are talking about losing, there’s a nice piece in today’s The Guardian here in the UK. I love this particular sentence: For a man obsessed with winning, Donald Trump is losing a lot.

So while Trump has the opportunity of causing a great deal of mischief—damage even—during his remaining days in office, we can all look forward to 20 January (we’ll be counting down to noon) when he will no longer be Cockwomble-in-Chief, just an also ran cockwomble.

Oh were it possible to get rid of his British counterpart Boris Johnson and his party of inept and seemingly corrupt Tories. We live in hope.

¹ Trump remained fixated on McCain, one of the few prominent Republicans to continue criticizing him after he won the nomination. When McCain died, in August 2018, Trump told his senior staff, according to three sources with direct knowledge of this event, ‘We’re not going to support that loser’s funeral,’ and he became furious, according to witnesses, when he saw flags lowered to half-staff. ‘What the fuck are we doing that for? Guy was a fucking loser,’ the president told aides. From a September 2020 article in The Atlantic by editor Jeffrey Goldberg.

One thought on “Donald’s legacy: impeached AND a loser!

  1. shaunnmunn says:

    The frightening thing is that Frump is unlikely to leave the White House graciously, and he has a chance to repeat the misery in four years.

    I am happy he was voted out, but stymied by the closeness of votes in so many states. Mine, Indiana, is RED, has been red, and will likely be red to the end of my life.

    So many Americans, who stood to lose so much had he succeeded, march to his banner like jackbooted Nazi stooges. On election day, as I arrived home from the polls, a neighbor stridently waved an immense Frump flag at each passing by. I know she is lower income and receives Medicare and Social Security. My neighborhood is like London’s old East End. If Frump truly had his way, she would have learned about his agenda the hard way.

    We’re not seeing the last of him or the corrosive movement he spawned. Plenty are ready to carry his banner into the chaos. May God help us all.

    My countrymen, who fell for this megalomaniac, are not done. Thank you for your candor and determination to call Frump the dangerous fool he is. Stand strong, England and allies. Do not welcome this man into your countries. Refuse to do business with him. Turn your back if he addresses you. Dump his stock!

    He would have sold any ally to the highest bidder. He does not respect any of you. He never has. He wouldn’t come to anyone’s aid unless he worked a deal to his benefit. Don’t forget this, especially if he tries again in 2024.

    Don’t let your guard down. He encourages evil, and plenty are ready to carry on when he’s cold in his sarcophagus.

    My beautiful America, how could we have let this happen?


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