It’s official – I’m an OAP

A birthday selfie!

A birthday selfie!

Yes, that’s right. Old Age Pensioner. Or, as my elder brother Ed told me, I’ve joined the Golden Pioneers Club.

It’s my 65th birthday today. Time to start drawing my state pension, and the small one that I will receive from my 10 years at the University of Birmingham in the 80s.

So am I going to slow down? Not exactly.

I did retire from IRRI at the end of April 2010 and have enjoyed the past three and a half years doing exactly what I wanted to do. That’s the beauty of no longer being in full-time employment.

And today, I’m not exactly putting my feet up either. I arrived to the Philippines last night, and will be working with my former colleagues at IRRI on plans for the 4th International Rice Congress (IRC2014) that will be held in Bangkok in October next year. After a little over a week in Los Baños I’m flying back to the UK via Bangkok where I’ll spend a couple of days working with the company that’s providing all the logistical support for the congress, Kenes Asia.

What with this congress, the imminent publication of Plant Genetic Resources and Climate Change, and some media events around its launch, and editorial commitments for the international scientific journal Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, retirement continues full of opportunities.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve received lots of greetings. And my old friend, Geoff Sharratt, sent me the ecard below – takes me back quite a few years!

This one below came from Ed in chilly Canada. Somewhat different from the 33C (92F) I experienced on arrival in Manila yesterday. Ordered from Old Farts Greetings Cards, it’s most appropriate (for me and him).

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